Beyond Bambuyu: Our Impact Partners

Beyond Bambuyu: Our Impact Partners

We have taken every step to make our products low-waste, leaving you with a guilt-free shopping experience, (Yes - all our products are tree-free & plastic-free and 100% recyclable!). 

To bring your sustainability journey full circle, we are proud to introduce our impact partners who have gone the extra mile to help keep waste out of landfills and put to good use! 

The Waste Lab

The Waste Lab is a women-owned, impact-driven startup that aims to create an opportunity for every food scrap to become a solution rather than a burden on our society and environment. By offering nature-enabled and data-driven solutions, The Waste Lab is enabling a community of individuals and businesses that understands and practices proper organic waste sorting at source and disposal which, in turn, will be used to create healthy compost and other byproducts that benefit our local soil, local farms, local food and local jobs.
Instagram: @thewastelab

ReLoop has been developed to serve as a digital app that makes it easy for you to recycle from your doorstep. Moreover, you can keep track of all your recycling history and know exactly how much you are contributing to protecting the environment.
Instagram: @reloopapp
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