Here's how bamboo helps you tackle deforestation

Here's how bamboo helps you tackle deforestation

Curious to know why Bambuyu uses bamboo instead of tree pulp? The tissue industry cuts down 27,000 trees every single day, but why is using bamboo any better? Here’s why we love bamboo and think you will too!

Why is bamboo becoming so popular?

Bamboo is the world's largest land grass known for being sustainable and strong. It has a higher tensile strength than steel and is actually one of the fastest-growing plants on the planet.

While being super strong is bamboo's super power, it also makes for the basis of ultra-soft materials.

And since bamboo continues to grow once it’s harvested, it is an incredibly sustainable and renewable resource used to create all sorts of eco-friendly products such as toothbrushes, plates & cutlery, and tissue products.

Why are bamboo tissues better and more sustainable?

30% of the world's wood pulp is harvested illegally and most paper products come from virgin tree pulp. As a result, regular tissue manufacturing plays a big role in impacting forests and contributing to climate change.

The good news is that Bambuyu tissue products are made from 100% bamboo! Bamboo grows back to maturity within seven years, releases 35% more oxygen than trees, and prevents soil erosion. Did you know that by swapping to bamboo toilet paper, you can save 384 trees throughout your lifetime? 

How do we make bamboo tissues? 

It is pretty similar to making regular tissues, but instead of using wood pulp, we use bamboo. Bamboo is first broken down into fibers and turned into bamboo pulp. From there, the pulp is pressed to form tissues and dried.

What makes Bambuyu tissues so special?

In addition to being tree-free, our are soft, absorbent and wrapped in recyled packaging.

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