Why are Bambuyu roles individually wrapped ? 
Toilet paper is usually packed in plastic wrapping to be protected from dust and humidity. Since we are a plastic-free brand, we chose recycled paper as our primary packing.

Why do you use Bamboo? 
The traditional toilet paper industry cuts down 27,000 trees every day. This contributes to deforestation and we're here to change that. Bamboo is a great alternative to virgin wood pulp. Read more about bamboo on this blog

Is bamboo a tree? 
While most of the toilet paper sold in stores is made from tree pulp, bamboo toilet paper is made from 100% bamboo pulp (which is a grass, not a tree!). Bamboo grows incredibly fast and doesn't require replantation after harvest, making it the perfect tree-free raw material.  

What do Bambuyu toilet rolls feel like?  
Bambuyu toilet rolls feel just like the most soft & plush toilet rolls you can find at supermarkets but without being harmful to the planet. Our rolls are white, and they are dot-embossed for additional softness.

Is Bambuyu expensive? 
Most toilet paper brands choose to have fewer sheets per roll so at first glance we may seem more expensive. Each roll has 300 sheets & 3 plies which is nearly double your average toilet paper found in supermarkets and will last you a long time.

Can Bambuyu toilet rolls be flushed?
Yes- absolutely! Bamboo toilet paper is fast-dissolving and is super gentle on your toilet tank. Next time you're flushing down your toilet paper, notice how quickly the paper disappears! Watch this video to see how it compares to tree-made toilet paper.