4 questions to ask yourself before buying anything

4 questions to ask yourself  before buying anything

Rule #1: Don't buy it if you already have it! ⁠

Over the past couple of years, we've found that to truly live sustainably, we should shop less. Is there something we can upcycle at home? Are there clothes sitting in the closet that can be styled differently? And failing that, here are some questions we ask ourselves before buying anything. Let's take an example of a phone case 

  • Do I need/love this? "Is my current phone case broken?" "Will a phone case help give my phone a longer life?"⁠
  • Can I recycle/reuse it? There's a surprising amount of compostable phone cases available in the market. What a time to be alive 🙃⁠
  • What is this made of? "Is this phone case made from PCP/Bamboo/etc." "What impact does this raw material have on the environment?" ⁠
  • Has it been produced sustainably/ethically? "Who's behind this brand?" "Can I ask questions about how these phone cases are made?" "Are there any certification bodies that monitor phone case production?" ⁠

Is it a lot to think about before buying a simple phone case? Perhaps - but the idea is to be curious about how things are made and what impact they have on our lives...⁠

Bambuyu toilet rolls are made from 100% bamboo (which is a super sustainable resource) and use ZERO plastic packaging. Our wrappers are made from recycled paper and are compostable (if that's what you're into!) 

Any other thoughts? Share your comments below 👇🏻⁠

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