5 Reasons why Bambuyu is PERFECT for you

5 Reasons why Bambuyu is PERFECT for you

Are you thinking about switching to an eco-friendly toilet paper? Here are some reasons why Bambuyu is going to be perfect for you and your family: 

1) You care about trees & forests
Chances are, you are aware of the impact of the traditional toilet paper industry on forests & you are looking for an eco-friendly tissue alternative.  
27,000 trees are cut down every single day around the world, which makes up 15% of global deforestation. Bambuyu toilet rolls are made from 100% bamboo (which is a grass, not a tree) and help us battle deforestation caused by the toilet paper industry. 

2) You look for plastic-free packaging
You try to buy products that are plastic-free.
Our rolls and packaging are completely plastic-free. Instead of plastic, we individually wrap our rolls in recycled (and compostable) paper which help keep our rolls dry & hygienic

3) You love our packaging
Maybe like us, beautiful packaging makes you happy.
We had to wrap our toilet rolls in something - and while we were at it, we made our packaging super fun & stylish so you can enjoy looking at them every time you're in the bathroom.

4) You're tired of dealign with clogged toilets 
You are tired of dealing with clogged toilets and you're looking for a solution that's easier on your toilet tank.
Our rolls are made out of quick-dissolving bamboo pulp and will disintegrate within seconds after flushing.

5) You have sensitive skin
You might be allergic to certain chemicals, like fragrance (which is found in some toilet papers) look for products that are free of scents and dyes and don't use harsh chemicals.
We made Bambuyu rolls with the entire family in mind. Our bamboo pulp is pesticides-free and has no dyes or scents. 



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