5 Easy Sustainable Swaps to Reduce Waste

5 Easy Sustainable Swaps to Reduce Waste

Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of waste your home creates? We were on the same boat and these sustainable (and easy) swaps helped get us started on the right track as a family. You can read more about our story here

1) Swap plastic bottles for reusable options. Plastic water bottles pose a serious risk to the environment and often do not get recycled. Insulated stainless steel bottles are perfect at keeping water cold in the Dubai heat (or hot if you fancy making your own takeaway coffee) 

2) Use reusable food wraps instead of cling wrapper. Ditch cling wrapper for reusable cloth or beeswax wrapper. We love these beautiful beeswax wraps available from tidymess.ae

3) Take reusable bags when you going grocery shopping. It may not come to you naturally at first and it helps to keep some bags in the car, by the door, inside your bag (or in the nappy bag?). And if you've forgotten to take yours, ask for paper bags at the store. Many shop in the UAE now offer various sizes of paper bags. 

4) Swap toilet paper with bamboo rolls: 27,000 trees are cut down every single day to make toilet paper. Not to mention the plastic packaging they come with! Bambuyu toilet rolls are made of 100% bamboo, are plastic-free and have no scents or dyes. If you're looking for a more sustainable option, check out our rolls here.

5) Recycle correctly instead of wish-cycling: What is wish-cycling? It's the process of throwing away the wrong items in the recycling bin "hoping" for it to be recycled. Often by putting the wrong items in the recycling bin you will actually contaminate the entire bin and create more waste.

There you have it! We hope this inspires you to pick up some eco-habits. Whether you choose to do 1 or all 5 of these swaps, you're doing great - every little step counts! 

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