Flu season: our 3 tips for immunity health

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If you have kids in school (or nursery), chances are you've been dealing with a lot of runny noses and colds the past couple of months. 

Here are 3 tips for immunity health during the flu season: 

1) Practice good hygiene: Washing your hands regularly, especially when you're out and about, is an essential part of a healthy hygiene. Covering your sneeze and cough will also help slow down the spread of virus and while you might think it's too soon to teach your toddler to cover their coughs & sneezes, you would be surprised what little fast-learners they are.  

2) Eat the rainbow: A balanced diet can do wonders for your immune system. Plan out what you're eating throughout the day and try to include as much variety of fruits & vegetables in your meals. Generally speaking, each color can represent different functions: 

  • RED: Fruits and vegetables like watermelon and strawberries contribute to eye and heart health
  • ORANGE & YELLOW: Carrots & peppers for example support eyes, skin, immune system.
  • GREEN: Leafy vegetables, Kiwis & avocados support the immune system
  • BLUE & PURPLE: Blue berries & cabbages boosts brain power
  • WHITE & NEUTRAL: White vegetables like mushrooms and bananas can fill in many essential nutrients missing in other foods.

3) Exercise: Regular exercise plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy immune system. It helps increase blood flow, clears bacteria from your airways and reduces stress hormones (which often play a part in weakening your immunity). 

And if you do get the sniffles, have a roll of super soft Bambuyu handy ;-)  



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