Eco-friendly Christmas Crafts by Bambuyu

Eco-friendly Christmas Crafts by Bambuyu

It's that time of year again and with schools off and many of us staying in the country to enjoy UAE winter, there is plenty of time to bond and play as a family.  

If you're feeling particularly crafty this holiday season, here are some eco-friendly ideas for reusing your Bambuyu wrappers and cores: 

1) Unbox Bambuyu as a family. Sounds simple but trust me, it's going to keep the little ones (and the big ones) busy for a while. Get the kids to open up the box and let them run with it! We love how @Mumzcrew got creative with these rolls 😊

2) Wrap small gifts: We made Bambuyu wrappers from high-quality recycled paper, using ink soy so you can continue to use them long after you're done with your toilet rolls. Do you have some last minute small gifts to wrap? Bambuyu packaging makes the perfect gift wrap. 

3) Make your own greeting cards: Our kids LOVE making greeting cards for friends and family; especially since they can't write yet! Get some safe glue & scissors and voila! you've got yourself a greeting card for everyone in the family! Check out this video from @mumzcrew for more ideas 

4) DIY Christmas Crackers: Ok, technically these are not really crackers because they don't "crack" but they're really fun to make and look super cute and work perfect as confetti poppers! 

Head over to our Instagram page for more ideas on how to reuse & repurpose your Bambuyu Planet-friendly Toilet Paper packaging. 

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