Sustainable Home Interior Trends in 2023

Sustainable Home Interior Trends in 2023

Whether you're going through a home renovation, moving into a new property or just like to pin beautiful interior inspirations on Pinterest, here are the top home interior trends you can expect in 2023.  

As much as we like our high tech & slick-looking designs, there's a true feeling of warmth when a rustic style is done right. Think natural wood cabinets, paired with imperfect stone counter tops combined with modern hardware. 

Bambuyu Kitchen paper. Beautiful Kitchen interior design Dubai

Pro faucets
Many home chefs are gravitating towards pro faucets and kitchen features to make their cooking experience easier. Many brands in response to that have introduced professional-style faucets for residential homes.  

Dubai Pro Faucet  

This one is not really a trend for 2023 and it's hopefully one that will last for years to come. The demand for sustainable building material and features has been on the rise for several years but we've seen a steep shift in the recent months. Many UAE home-owners, suppliers & interior designers seem to be investing more in long-lasting material, water & energy-saving appliances and products that are sourced and made in an eco-friendly manner.  

Here are some business that have really changed the UAE landscape when it comes to sustainability at home: 


WILDEN: Building bold, beautiful and sustainable gardens.
THE BOTANIST: A brand of natural, plant-based and refillable home care products. 
ADAM BIKE: Dutch-style bicycles for adults and children.
HARF NOON DESIGN STUDIO: Super talented interior design studio.    

 BAmbuyu Kitchen rolls bamboo kitchen paper 


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