Tips for a Truly Joyful Bathroom

Tips for a Truly Joyful Bathroom

Whether you have a cozy bathroom space or a large one, there's always a way to make it more joyful. 

Marie Condo believes creating designated spaces for each of your bathroom items will keep things organized and neat, resulting in an overall more joyful  experience. 

Here are some ways to add spark to your favorite room of the house: 

The first step is to let go 
Before you begin organizing, go through your bathroom cabinets, drawers & sink-tops and discard any products that have expired or are no longer in a good condition. If you have 2 of the same product and you are not making use of both, you can find a good home for one of them (I.e. would your friends or family have use for your extra soap dish?).  

»all you need is less« poster during climate change protest in Berlin

Organize items by category
Gathering all items from the same category in one place will give both easy access to them and make everything look neat and tidy instantly. You don't need to spend a ton on new containers. Make use of receptacles you may already have and just give them a fresh look by adding a fresh coat of paint or giving them a good wash. 

Cotton and cotton bud in bathroom

Store toilet paper thoughtfully 
Is your emergency toilet paper roll often out of reach? Store your rolls near the toilet seat in a basket, on top of your toilet tank or in a nice roll holder. Bambuyu Toilet paper rolls are individually wrapped and add a pop of color to your bathroom. You can discover our range here.

Create more space
And finally, you can add more storage space to even the smallest bathrooms. Adding shelves, hooks, organizer boxes, or hanging storage units are some ways to make more room for your products. 
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